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Norman sued 3x to kick dogs off Albany Beach

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Norman say he isn’t against off-leash dogs on Albany Beach and that people are making up lies about him. Sorry, dude. But how were we supposed to know?

You did sue East Bay Regional Park District three times over dogs on Albany Beach. (And not to complain or anything, but even though you lost in the end, you cost EBRPD $325 thousand in legal expenses. Not nice.)

Back in February 2015, you were saying that it’s illegal for people with dogs to visit the beach. You sounded really cranky. You wanted the park district to get police down on the beach enforcing that.

Some letters you sent the park district were informative. For example, the one (page 58) that references 18 articles about phobias and the fear of dogs and five about turf management. (Glad those aren't issues anymore. Times change.)

By the way, don't hire that lawyer you got to represent you and SPRAWLDEF again. So rude. Did you know he called park users “scofflaws”? If he does that to you when you're down on the beach with your grand-dog, we've got your back.

Also, that plot he talked about, the one with the vandals-with-dogs who are determined to kick everyone else off the beach…projection much?

“It is well established in the record that the behavior of unleashed dog owners toward other park users is a significant impact in itself – destroying signage, discouraging use by others and making express their intentions to displace other users.” Kelly T. Smith, attorney hired by Norman to represent SPRAWLDEF, on February 2, 2015, Comments and Responses for Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report, Albany Beach Restoration and Public Access Project, May 21, 2015.

Anyway, we just thought for some reason you didn’t like actually like people with off-leash dogs using Albany Beach.

No offense meant. Seriously.

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