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East Bay Regional Park District

Note:  Since March 2020, all East Bay Regional Park District parks have required dogs to be on-leash because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Point Isabel Regional Shoreline, which does allow dogs off-leash, was closed from March 31 until June 1 but is now open and off-leash.


The East Bay is home to one of the biggest regional park systems in the United States. The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) straddles Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, is almost 200 square miles of parklands, 73 unique parks, and about 1,250 miles of trails.

Point Isabel Regional Shoreline is approximately 50 acres entirely off-leash and shared by dogwalkers, joggers, fishermen, kayakers, windsurfers, and others. For obvious safety reasons, no bikes allowed. Point Isabel Dog Owners helps keep the park clean with regular cleanups and weed-pulls.

Many of the EBRPD's parks and trails allow dogs, on- or off-leash. The District's website has information about the park or trail you might like to visit, tips about hiking safely with dogs in the parks, and the rules that all visitors with dogs must observe.

Please know that there are hazards involved in taking your dogs to EBRPD parks. The lakes and ponds are sometimes contaminated with a blue-green algae that is fatal to dogs, there are ticks that are possibly infected with Lyme disease, and dogs have been bitten by rattlesnakes and threatened by coyotes.

City Dog Parks and Off-Leash Areas in the East Bay

This list is under development. Please keep checking back and let us know which we're missing!







El Cerrito









Walnut Creek

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